Diabetes patients must take special care of their feet to prevent major foot issues. They are at risk of getting a foot ulcer (a sore or wound) because of nerve loss and poor blood flow. Most frequently, ulcers develop on the underside of the big toe’s or the ball of the foot. Poorly fitted shoes are typically to blame for foot ulcers on the sides. Blood vessels in the foot and leg constrict and stiffen as a result of this. Untreated ulcers can cause infections, which can result in the amputation.¬† Diabetes patients are far more likely than non-diabetics to have a foot or leg amputated.

Smoking is one of the biggest dangers which  have an impact on tiny blood vessels. It can impede the healing of wounds and reduce blood flow to the feet. Plenty of diabetic people who needed amputation were found to be smokers.

Foot care measures include:

  • Examine your feet daily for sores, wounds, blisters, corns, and redness.
  • If you see any of these, tell your doctor.
  • Dry them completely.
  • Avoid hydrating between your toes while moisturising your feet.
  • Put on socks that wick moisture.
  • Choose comfortable footwear that doesn’t rub your feet.